Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The new members of the family

I managed to get some photos of our adopted cats:

This is Phoebe...

and this is Dizzy.

Halloween Fairy Update

This is Halloween Fairy as it was yesterday. She is stitching up quickly, although I don't spend much more than an hour or two a day on the stitching.

Rachel and Steven came home from Uni for the Easter break at the weekend, and it has been chaotic! Sammy doesn't finish school until tomorrow, and I'm still on sick leave.

We adopted two cats last week, as their owner is moving back down south, and is planning on going on a long break to Australia with the profit from her house. The cats are Dizzy, who is black and white and is just over a year old, and Phoebe, who is a tabby with patches of ginger, and she is several years old - not sure exactly how old...They are both settling in nicely, although I have several scratches on the back of my hand from Dizzy - she is very temperamental - she'll let you stroke her one minute, then she'll suddenly hiss and scratch...I suppose she'll settle down soon...

I've bought a bit of stash recently (Do I really need more...?) I bought Just Nan's Boo! Tin and Needlebook charts, Blue Ribbon Designs' 'A Sampler in the Square' chart, and Prairie Schooler's Alphabet (ABC, DEF, GHI)charts, along with some Crescent Colour and WDW threads. I only needed the threads, but temptation got the better of me :o) I also managed to put 'Dream' and 'Believe' in for framing..Pictures to follow...

Sunday, 21 March 2010


This is my latest project: Halloween Fairy from Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine (Sept. '08). The photo was taken last weekend, when I had spent about an hour or two on it. It is being stitched on Polstitches Chestnut hand-dyed fabric with DMC threads, Kreinik braid and Mill Hill beads.

This is progress as of 20th March. The photo has turned out a shade of orange for some reason...The design is lovely with the Kreinik braid stitches.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Latest finish

This is 'Dream' from the book, 'Bewitching Cross Stitch'. It is a partner design to 'Believe' in my last post. I stitched this one on Polstitches' Blue Moon hand-dyed fabric, using DMC threads and Mill Hill beads, and I've stitched it for my youngest daughter, Sammy.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

A Finish and update

This is the 'Believe' design that I started a while ago. I finished it today, after not doing any stitching for quite some time.

I am off work at the moment with stress-related illness, and going into the fourth week of sick leave. I was at the point of not sleeping and not eating due to pressures at work, so went to the doctors. He immediately signed me off, and gave me tablets to help me sleep. I am now sleeping and eating better, and I can concentrate on stuff for longer than 10 mins, so I think I'll be back at work in a week or so...

I am now stitching 'Dream' - a partner design to the 'Believe' one.