Friday, 30 April 2010

School Proms and Stitching

My youngest daughter has her Y11 'Prom' in two weeks, and we went to the dress shop to pick up her dress yesterday.  She loved this dress the moment she saw it, and she couldn't wait to bring it home!

I've also been stitching on my Mermaid this week.  I've managed to complete her face and hair, so will be moving on to the tail over the weekend.

I'm going to leave the large bead and Kreinik braid area that is on the upper body area until the end. 

I'm also going to have a go with the GOS Challenge and the Stitch and Stash Monthly Challenge this month - it will motivate me to make up some of my finished designs!

I'll hopefully post another update on Sunday...

Happy Stitching!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Another finish...!

I started stitching this design yesterday, when I was feeling rather drained, and managed to finish it today...A quick and easy stitch:

The design is 'Dimond' by SEBA  Designs.  It is stitched on 27ct Linda fabric, using Dinky Dyes threads.  I have enjoyed stitching this, so will have to look out for other SEBA designs...Back to my Mermaid and Witch now...

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Stitchers Meet and Mermaid Update

I had a lovely day in Nuneaton yesterday, meeting other stitchers.  It was a long day - I got on my first train at 7.10am, and got back home at 10.45pm - but it was worth it!  It was good to see how different people do their stitching, using hoops, frames and stands (I don't use any!) and lots of different finishes.  We also had a three course meal for £3.50...A great deal!  Thanks to Clare for arranging the Meet, and for allowing me to go.

I bought a couple of charts whilst there:

The India Designs charts are gorgeous - their designer, Vicki, was at the Meet with some finished designs, and they were lovely!

We also had the opportunity to buy a kit that Clare had created especially for the Meet:

There was also an entry draw, which I won!  This was my prize:
Thank you!

My only stitching on my Mermaid this week was at the Meet yesterday...I decided to take her with me, as I didn't think I would be able to concentrate on my HAED, and wanted to spend a decent amount of time on the Mermaid in one sitting.

Hope you all have a good week!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Stitching Update

I picked up 'Dream' and 'Believe' from the framers today:

I'm very happy with the result, and I hope Rachel and Sammy will be too...

I started stitching my first HAED the other day - QS Scarlet Witch (Carol Vinson).  I've managed to do about 500 stitches so far.  It's my first design stitching over 1 on 25ct fabric, using 1 thread, and I'm also parking my threads for the first time, too...I am gridding the fabric to help placement, which is also a first - Lots of firsts in this WIP!

I've got my Mermaid packed away, ready for my trip tomorrow...

I've bought some more stash this week (Oops!): Blue Ribbon Designs 'Schoolgirl Samplings', LHN 'Needle and Thread' with Crescent Colours and Pillow, and SEBA Designs 'Dimond' with Dinky Dyes threads:

I think that will have to be my stash limit until I go to Harrogate in November!

I'll update some more on Sunday...

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Bye, Bye TV!

I have found the joy of audio books!  I bought 'Too Close To Home' by Linwood Barclay on audio book yesterday, and have started to listen to it whilst I stitch.  It is so much better than having the TV on in the background!  I just need to transfer it on to my iPod, then I can listen to it on the move, too...

I have been stitching on some of my UFO's this week - mainly due to my attempt at organising all my stitchy stuff.  The main one I've worked on is Heritage Stitchcraft's 'Lancashire map'.  This has been in my UFO box for quite a long time (years)...I get it out sometimes, stitch bits on it, then it goes back in the box.  The maps are quite fiddly, with lots of odd bits all over the place.  I managed to finish the 'Isle of Skye' map for my parents a couple of years ago, but this one is more detailed.

I'm going to a Stitcher's Meet in Nuneaton (Midlands) on Saturday.  I haven't been to one before - I was supposed to go a couple of years ago, but something happened to prevent me from going...can't remember what it was now...I'm going to take my Mermaid with me, so I can work on her whilst there.  I'm looking forward to it!

I'll update my stitching on Sunday...

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Mermaid of the Pearls progress

I've not spent as much time on my Mermaid as I would have liked this week, but have virtually finished the fin with beads and braid, and have started on the upper body:

Both Rachel and Steven are now back at Uni, so we have a quiet house back!  Sammy seems calmer - I think she had reached the point of overexposure with her sister, as they had been snapping at each other.

I'm still trying to come to terms with my 'illness', as I feel like I'm perfectly fine, until I hear from school or have any sort of worry...That's when I can tell I'm 'ill', as I can feel my heart racing and I start shaking.  Oh well...I have six weeks at home, so I'll just try to relax and make the most of the time by doing some stitching and sorting the house out!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Life update

Well, I managed three days at work - just...I couldn't handle being in a room with more than a few people (although being in the classroom was OK), and was back to sleepless nights and lots of tears.

I decided to go back to the doctors, and had an appointment this morning.  He has given me a sick note for six weeks, and has referred me to a counsellor.  I don't like not being at work, but I couldn't stay, being in that state!  I'm now finding myself considering other options to Primary teaching...

The cats have been keeping us amused over the last week or two.  Dizzy has a thing for racing through the house, and Phoebe has made herself at home:
She spends a lot of the time in her usual hiding place - behind the chair, but has taken to coming out at night and sprawling out on the carpet...She was fast asleep here!

I've done some stitching on my mermaid through the week, and will have an update post on Sunday...

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Another Update

I stitched on my Mermaid for another couple of hours yesterday:

The fin is almost finished - just some dark purple to add on the right hand side, and some beads and braid to add.  I think I'll move upwards first, rather than completing the tail end.

Steven is now back at Uni, and the house is slightly quieter.  Rachel has gone to Blackpool for the day today, so I've got the opportunity, but not the motivation, to do some work for school...I'm still wondering if I've made the right decision to go back now.  I spoke to a friend from work on the phone yesterday, and ended up in tears and shaking!  I'll see how tomorrow goes...

The sun is shining at the moment - I  think it's not as warm as it was yesterday, but at least we have some sunlight.  A lovely Spring day!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Mermaid of the Pearls Update

I've stitched for about 2 or 3 hours on Mirabilia's Mermaid of the Pearls so far, and this is the result.  I love the pinks and purples in the fin...The photo doesn't show the true colour of the fabric - it has different shades of blue throughout.  The sun (Long time, no see!) decided to shine when I wanted to take the photo!

Steven is going back to Uni in Stafford this afternoon.  It has been good having him at home, but it will be nice to have the quiet house back!  Rachel is at home for another week before she returns to Uni in Swansea.

I'm starting to get worked up about returning to work on Monday.  I know I'll probably be fine once there, but not being there for 8 weeks has brought a feeling of calm that I haven't felt for quite a long time...and I know that the stress will start again as soon as the INSET starts at 9am...I know, however, that I'm not going to let it take over my life again.  Before I was signed off, I was worried about how much of my life the work was taking, and I am determined to take an hour or two off every night to do stitching or reading for pleasure (me time!)  I do not want to have to take sick leave again!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Second post today!

Just posting to show the finished Small Token by Blackbird Designs. Stitched on 28ct evenweave using Crescent Colours. I'm going to make it up into a pin cushion when I've bought some lace for around the edges.

I've spent most of the afternoon finishing it, and also putting the last couple of stitches on Halloween Fairy. If I hadn't done it today, they would have been in my WIP box for the next few months :o) I replaced the creator's initials with my own, and also changed the year from 2009 to 2010, but I'm not too happy with that - it doesn't seem to look quite right...

I'll continue with Mermaid of the Pearls later this evening.

New Stash...

It was like Christmas when the postman came this morning!

He brought my order from Sewandso, so I can finish the two pieces, and he also brought a large package of designs that I 'won' on eBay - LHN, Lizzie Kate, Just Nan, Prairie Schooler, Waxing Moon and Heart in Hand designs amongst others...

I also spent an hour or two, before the post arrived, this morning finishing the Bright Pyramid Scissor Keep (Sue Hawkins) that I bought at the stitching show in Harrogate last November. I had stitched it before Christmas, and it had sat in my WIP box, waiting for me to make the twisted thread for fastening it onto scissors, and for the bells.

The only problem now is that Dizzy thinks it's a toy for her!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Back to Normal....Almost....

Well...I was at the doctors yesterday, and he has recommended a slow return to work starting next week. The boss has suggested 2 days teaching next week (plus an INSET day) and 3 days teaching the week after, returning full time in 3 weeks. The thought of being in the classroom again after 8 weeks sick leave is frightening! I also need to get some planning done before Monday, so I'll have to get on with that tomorrow, I think...

Anyway, I started stitching Blackbird Designs' Small Token yesterday, but I'm still waiting for my order from Sewandso - should arrive tomorrow - which has one of the Crescent Colours needed in it, so it has come to a halt for the time being:

So while I'm waiting for the threads to finish Small Token and Halloween Fairy, I've started stitching Mirabilia's Mermaid of the Pearls today on Polstitches' Shimmering Seas fabric. At the moment, there isn't enough done to warrant a photo, but I'll post one later in the week.

The cats have settled in nicely. Dizzy still has the odd moment of hissing - she especially doesn't seem to like Steven - he can't go near her without her hissing or growling at him! He returns to Uni on Saturday, so he's not too bothered about it. Phoebe has a hiding place behind the chair, next to the radiator, and only comes out when she wants to eat or get attention...We bought them a toy to play with the other day - a soft toy on a string and stick, but Dizzy prefers playing with a piece of red ribbon that an order from Thread Bear was fastened with!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Happy Dance!

Halloween Fairy is finished - almost...I have about 7 stitches to do on the small pumpkin, but have run out of the thread. I ordered it from Sewandso the other day, so I should get it tomorrow or Wednesday. It has been a joy to stitch, and I'm so happy I've managed to finish her in one go, instead of moving on to something else halfway through!

I just have to choose what to stitch next....Choices, choices!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Question Time...

This seems to be doing the rounds on the Blogs at the moment:

What are your hobbies? cross stitch, reading, blogging, walking

What crafts do you do? cross stitch and a bit of hardanger

What sounds do you craft along to? whatever is on the telly at the time, or silence

First Project You Ever Made: a butterfly on a flower - a kit given to me for my 18th Birthday by the playgroup managers where I helped out at the time.

Favorite Project: whatever I'm stitching on - depends on how it's going. At the moment it's Halloween Fairy.

Favorite Items to Make: Depends...I like to frame stuff, but I also like making different finishes such as biscornu, flat folds and cushions.

What's your favorite...

Colour: blue and purple

Movie: I like several films - Grease, Matrix, Ghost, Pretty Woman, Officer and a Gentleman...Don't have a single favourite.

TV Show: Lost - What will I do when this series ends the story...?

Band: Foo Fighters, Green Day and Kasabian are at the top of my list at the mo...

Book: Don't Tell by Karen Rose (current reading material!)

Food: chocolate!!!

Favorite Craft: cross stitching