Sunday, 10 August 2014

When in Rome...

We had a lovely time in Rome this week!

We set off for the airport at 4am on Monday, and we arrived at Ciampino Airport at about 10:15am Rome time.  We had booked a self-catering apartment, close to Vatican City, for 3 nights, so spent Tuesday and Wednesday trying to ensure we saw everything we wanted to see:

Vatican City

Palatine Hill




Italian Ice-Cream!
Vatican Museums

Trevi Fountain...Big disappointment!
Vatican Museums
Vatican Museums
Fountain at the bottom of the Spanish Steps...All boarded up!
Spanish Steps

The Pope!
We had a fabulous time, but wish we had another day or two to spend there... We will have to go back one day!

Today I managed to cross off another item on my bucket list, as I ran a 10K race!  It was my first one, and considering I only started running at the end of March this year, I am well chuffed with my time of 1:25:54... My running buddy and I are now looking at half and full marathons for next year!  Once you have the running bug, you can't stop!

Running Buddies!

My first 10K medal

Sprint finish!
No stitching at all this week, but I'll be doing some next week, as I am off work for another week.

Happy Stitching!


Sunday, 3 August 2014

A Quick Post

It has been a long, but busy week...

Last weekend was quite quiet, as we didn't have any outings planned.  I managed to stitch quite a lot on "Plum Pudding" by Glendon Place, and "Living with Charm" by Lizzie*Kate:

"Living with Charm" by Lizzie*Kate (refuses to display right way up!)

"Plum Pudding" by Glendon Place
Over the week, I have managed to finish the "Remember" on Living with Charm...  I'm not going to get much stitching done this week, as we are going to Rome in the morning, and we are only taking hand luggage, so no needles/scissors allowed! :-(  However, I will be on leave from work for another week, once we get home, so I'll have plenty of stitching time!

I managed to run up to Darwen Tower during the week!  It is quite a steep climb, and my friend and I only stopped a couple of times on the climb up to catch our breath...

Michelle and I at the Tower (think there is a glitch with Blogger tonight!!!)
I am running my first 10K next Sunday - think it will take me about 1.5 hours, but I will be able to run the whole way...

Happy Stitching!