Wednesday, 29 December 2010

List of UFOs/WIPs and Stitching Update

Well, I've managed to get a bit of In the Arms of an Angel done this week, mainly due to Tommy watching Darts on TV all day, so I plug in my iPod, and sit stitching for most of it!

I've finished most of the blue in her dress, and also started on the 1 over 1 parts.  I've made a slight mistake in her arm, though, so will have to frog some of it.

I've signed up for a 'Crazy 2011 UFO Challenge' on Facebook, where we try to finish as many UFOs as possible over the next year.  Here are my pieces that I'm hoping to at least make a lot of progress with:

L&L: Song of Christmas

Mystic Stitch: Noelle

HAED: QS Scarlet Witch

HAED: QS Plum Gothic

Heritage Stitchcraft: Lancashire Map

Victoria Sampler: Heirloom Christmas Sampler

Heritage: Chorus Line

Margaret Sherry: Astrocats

My Big Toe Designs: A New Day

Julie Hasler: Wilbur Tapestry

Just Nan: Boo Tin

Maia: Dolphin Silhouette (actually red fabric...)

I also have a Mill Hill design - Toy Shop - that I have started, but I couldn't get a clear picture of the tiny bit that I had finished.  Along with my In the Arms of an Angel, I have 14 WIPs and UFOs...Think I'm going to be busy!

Have a great New Year, and Happy Stitching!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Stitching Update

I have been stitching over the last couple of months, but mainly on a Round Robin through Facebook.  We aren't posting pictures until it's finished, so I will have a few pictures to post at that time, but not much to show right now...

I have also been stitching and making an ornament for my Secret Santa partner at work - it is a Margaret Sherry mouse from the UK 'CrossStitcher' magazine:

I'll hopefully have more to post before Christmas, but to those readers who won't be able to visit before then, Have a wonderful Christmas, and a Prosperous New Year :o)

Happy Stitching