Monday, 25 April 2011

An Unexpected Happy Dance!

I started stitching this yesterday, and managed to finish it tonight!

It is 'I Love You to the Moon' by Waxing Moon, and it is stitched on 28ct Crystal Mystic Cashel by Picture This Plus with Crescent Colours.  You won't believe how many pictures I took to try and get a good one, but the colours wouldn't show properly, and the sparkle in the fabric keeps sparkling!  This is the best I could get... I bought this as a kit from 123Stitch in the US, and couldn't wait to start it...

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my blogging friends!  Hope you are all having a lovely long weekend...  The weather here has been glorious for the past few days - and hopefully it will last for a while longer!

I've been stitching on 'In the Arms of an Angel' since I finished 'Serenity Prayer' on Monday.  It has been nice to be able to focus on her for a good few days while I've been on holiday from work.  Here is my progress picture:

The robe on the baby is finished, as is most of the 1-over-1 stitching on the arm, hand, baby's head, and the face and neck of the angel.  It is tough going with the 1-over-1, but the effect is lovely.  I'm going to put her away until the next time she is drawn out now, before I get bored of stitching her!

I'm back at work on Tuesday, after 2 weeks at home, and I'm also starting my 1-term part time contract at the school in Burnley.  I will be working 2 part-time contracts for the term, which will help with our savings towards our holiday in New York in the summer...Rachel went back to Swansea on Good Friday, and Steven wants to go back to Stafford next Friday...  Sammy says it will take a while to get used to the quiet house again!

My first Zumba class was last week, and I loved it!  It was really energetic, but I didn't realise I was exercising as much, as I was too busy trying to learn the steps....I'm going again on Tuesday - especially when I lost 5lbs of weight last week!  I took a bottle of water with me to the class, and I drank it all...

Have a good week, and Happy Stitching :o)

Monday, 18 April 2011

A Giveaway and a Happy Dance!

Firstly, I'd like to tell you about a fantastic giveaway over at Hooked on Stitches.  Angela is giving away a choice of Lizzie*Kate or LHN design in a finish of your choice from 3 different finishes.  One of the choices is a flatfold:

Next, I'm pleased to tell you that I've finished 'Serenity Prayer' by Jeanette Crews Designs:

I only started stitching on it again yesterday lunchtime, and I put the last stitches in this morning!  I think I'm going to make it into a wall hanging...

I'm going to spend the rest of this week on 'In the Arms of an Angel' again, while I'm still on holiday from work, and have plenty time to work on her.

Rachel has decided that she wants to go back to Swansea at the end of this week.  She is missing her boyfriend, and is bored here - she doesn't have many friends around here any more, so doesn't have anything to do.  I'm OK with this, as she needs to find her own path in life, but I do feel a little upset that she's going back so soon...

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Weekly Progress

I've been stitching on two different pieces this week:

'I Love You More' by Erynne Chard is a project I started last week, and just stitch on it when I only have a short amount of time to stitch.  It only uses 6 colours throughout...

'In the Arms of an Angel' by Lavender and Lace has been my focus piece this week, and I'm happy with the progress I've made on her.  I had to frog quite a lot of the 1-over-1 stitches in her arm at the beginning of the week, as I realised that they were out by a couple of stitches.  It wasn't easy to frog them!  I've also been trying to fill in some of the detail on the dress, including the roses.

Next week is the turn of 'Serenity Prayer' again, and I should finish that, as there is only one corner left to do.  I've also finally sent 'Faith' to the framers, so will hopefully get that back in a couple of weeks...

The children are all home for the Easter holidays, now, and the house seems packed again!  It's only a week until I go back to work, but the two students are here until the weekend of the Royal Wedding...

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Stitching Blog Giveaway

Just to let you know that TangerineDream73 is having a fantastic Blogoversary Giveaway on her Blog.  Click the link to find out more...

Ullswater in the Lake District

Monday, 11 April 2011

Slow Progress

The last week was very busy!  It was the last week of term, and my two children who are away at Uni should have been coming home...Rachel was supposed to come home on Thursday evening, but text me on Wednesday night, asking if I had any objections to her staying in Wales for another week with her boyfriend.  She is now coming home this Friday.  Steven was supposed to come home on Saturday, but he rang me on Friday afternoon to say he couldn't come home until Tuesday, as he has a task to do at Uni on Tuesday morning...I'm glad they are getting their independence, especially Rachel, but I do wish they would give us a little bit more notice!

Work was busy, getting ready for the end of term, and also getting my room ready for the Summer Term.  I also paid a visit to the school in Burnley, where I will be working in the afternoons next term.  The next term will be hectic, but I think I'll enjoy it!  No doubt my stitching will suffer, but it's only for 12 weeks...

Last week was spent on 'One Nation'.  I didn't get much stitching time, due to various things going on - I've joined Slimming World, so that is one evening a week.  I also had Guides and the Guides Swimming Gala on different nights, so I only had one or two evenings to stitch!  Here is my progress:

The piece is 73cm in length!  I think it will take a while to finish this...

This week's piece is 'In the Arms of an Angel' by Lavender and Lace, but I have been stitching on a sampler piece called 'I Love You More' - a design by Erynne Chard.  If you click the link, it will take you to the Freebie page where you can find the design.  Here is a picture of my progress so far:

As it is the Easter Holidays now, I should have more stitching time...We shall see if that is true!  I've already had a busy few days...

As part of my health kick, which started with joining the slimming club, I've signed up for Zumba classes...It's a dance/fitness class, and it's supposed to be very good, but hard work...I'll let you know how I get on...The first class isn't until next week, so I'll update on that in a couple of weeks.

Have a good week, and Happy Stitching!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wilbur Progress

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums!  

Not much stitching time this week, but I've finished the background on Wilbur:

I only have the border to finish before the whole tapestry is done...but it will have to wait until the next time he's drawn out of the box!  The next piece I'm working on is 'One Nation' by ByGone Stitches.

Rachel comes home for the Easter break on Thursday, and then Steven will be home a week on Tuesday...It's his 20th birthday the day after that, so we'll be going out to celebrate at some point.  School breaks for the Easter holidays on Friday this week for 2 weeks - we return the day after Easter Monday - so lots of stitching time!

I bought some more jewellery findings and beads this weekend, so I can have a go at making some different types of jewellery.  I've also been to a craft evening for Guiding leaders, and was introduced to something called 'Fantasy Film', which is a liquid resin you can use to make different things with.  You use wire to shape an item, such as butterfly wings or flower petals, and you dip it into the resin.  Leave to 'set' for a couple of minutes, and then put pieces together to make the item.  I'm going to have to get some of that!

Happy Stitching!