Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my fellow bloggers!  We have had a quiet day here...well, as quiet as it can be with 6 adults in the house!  We have also celebrated my son's 21st Birthday, even though his birthday isn't until the 13th, as he is going to Amsterdam with his friends from Uni next weekend...

Stitching progress:

'Moments that take our breath away' - Designs by Lisa

This is the piece I've worked on over the last week.  It is stitched on Permin 28ct Lambswool linen, using Gentle Art threads.  I've enjoyed stitching this, but I must spend some time over the next week on the next RR piece for Needlecraft Haven

Happy Stitching!

Friday, 6 April 2012


This is my first post of 2012...Oops!  Things have obviously got in the way of my blog posts...  I haven't even looked at my blog until today, and then realised that I haven't posted since New Year's Eve...

I have been stitching during the last 3 months, and have a finish:

Needlecraft Haven RR- Dusty's piece

Needlecraft Haven RR - my piece (Pecking Order by Lanarte)

 'Gorjuss Ruby' by Bothy Threads - finished!

 Current stitching - 'Moments that take our Breath Away' by Designs by Lisa

'The Hikers' by Heritage Silhouettes as of 3rd April 2012

I still work to a rotation, but not as rigidly as I was doing.  I stitch on a piece until I'm getting bored of it, and then ask my OH to draw a slip out of the box to decide the next one.  Sometimes I stitch on a piece for a week, and other times it may just be a couple of days...

We have a new kitten - Luna:

She is about 6 months old, and is white with tabby patches.  Her tail is tabby...We took her in after a work colleague found her in her garden, starving, and had advertised in the local area.  She couldn't keep her, as she owns a few pets, including a dog, and so asked people at work if they would be interested in taking her. She took a week to get used to the other two cats, but they now tolerate each other.  Luna is going to the vets on Tuesday to be neutered, and then she will be able to go outside.

I'll hopefully keep updating my blog on a regular basis now... :-S

Happy Stitching!