Saturday, 12 July 2008

Photos at last!

Having bought a new camera, I can now display some of the things that I have done recently:

The charts, pinkeep and scissorkeep were birthday presents from Edgar on the Stitching Bloggers Birthday Blog. I am using the scissorkeep at the moment, and I am about to start the Christmas Medley design...

The 'Teaching is a work of heart' design is my most recent finish, and is a Lizzie Kate design.


Kim B said...

I love your recent finish! What a wonderful saying! And such a great package too!

Lori said...

I love the teaching project. My mother in law was a teacher it looks just like something she would love.

Bloggette said...

I really like the teaching project. I started college to become a teacher but stopped when I found I didn't enjoy the bureaucratic tendencies. I'm 24 and a bit older now and after working out in the world I realized there are politics everywhere. I'd rather be making a difference so I've decided I'm going to finish my teaching degree.

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