Sunday, 9 May 2010

Stitching Update

I've done quite a lot of stitching this week, on several designs:

This is Mermaid of the Pearls as of yesterday.  I haven't stitched on her as much as usual this week, so not much progress.

This is HAED's Scarlet Witch as of yesterday.  I've stitched around 1400 stitches so far.  Slow going, but seeing the picture come to life as I stitch is amazing!

This is Lizzie*Kate's 'Daughters', stitched on sparkly 14ct Aida fabric using DMC threads.  I've stitched this for my youngest daughter, Sammy, and I'm hoping to make it into a wallhanging for her.

This is Margaret Sherry's 'Cancer Cat' from the Astrocats calendar 2007 - it was a free gift with an issue of CrossStitcher magazine.

I chose to stitch these as part of a Round Robin with an old forum back in 2007, and five people stitched cats on it.  I was supposed to stitch the other 7, but this is the first one I've done (since about January 2008!)  I pulled it out of my UFO box the other day and started stitching...

I've decided to give myself weekly targets, as my stitching is a bit erratic at the moment.  Someone on Facebook gave me the idea, so here goes:

Week beginning 10th May:
  • Stitch at least 5 hours on Mermaid of the Pearls
  • Stitch at least 5 hours on Scarlet Witch
  • Stitch one of the Astrocats
The idea is that I don't stitch anything else until these targets have been done...We'll see how it goes...

Have a good week!


AFwife99 said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I love your stitching! Mermaid is beautiful! I think setting stitching goals is a great way to make progress. I have set myself some goals, but they are kind of morphing into slightly less lofty goals- LOL. Happy Mother's Day!

Blu said...

MotP looks great! So much beads already!

Mylene said...

Both finishes are soo cute and the Mermaid of the Pearls is looking gorgeous!

Kim B said...

Beautiful projects!

Julie said...

Great progress, the HAED is growing nicely.

You could always come over and join the ladies on UFO night at Stitch & Stash, they are great encouragers LOL

Bekca said...

Great progress on your mermaid, it's a really beautiful design. I love your Lizzie Kate piece too, I've got a couple that I must stitch soon - along with everything else!
Happy stitching :)

Carolyn NC said...

That is some awesome stitching for a PT stitcher!! Looks more like full-time - great job. :)

Cathy said...

You have alot done for one week. I will enjoy watching your progress each week.