Monday, 3 August 2009

Rotation Progress

This is my progress on 'Song of Christmas'. As you can see, not much has been done on this, due to working on the other two, but I have started with the Wisper thread in Santa's hat.

This is my progress on 'In the Arms of an Angel'. I love this design, and it is stitching up nicely. There are lots of areas using the same shade, which is nice. However, I did have to undo some of the green, as I had to use a new skein of thread which turned out to have a different shade than the one I had been using...a waste of about 2.5 hours!

This is my progress on Victoria Sampler's 'Heirloom Christmas Sampler'. It has a lot of backstitch to create the tree, and I've completed the garland using Kreinik braid. The pink 'flowers' were made using silk ribbon - awful thing to use. I don't particularly like my efforts with the flowers, but I'll wait until all the other ornaments are on the tree before deciding whether to have another go or not.


Kim B said...

Wow! These are gorgeous!!!

Kathy said...

All gorgeous Lynn, I have Victoria Sampler's Heirloom, in my stash to do, you ahve inspired to me to start this one soon, although I will prob be in trouble for adding a nother to the many WIPs I already have.

You are welcome to the WBP chart when I ahve finished, it does have highlighter pen on it, and you can still see the symbols.

Hugs xxxx

Dawn said...

Hi Lynn,

I must say your little Christmas tree is sooo beautiful, and the stitching is amazing.Can't wait to see it all decked up.

Thank you too for signing up as a follower on my blog recently, its much appreciated.