Saturday, 15 May 2010

Weekly Update

What a week!

It has been my youngest daughter's School Prom, and the week has been taken up with preparations for that...nails, hair, etc!  Here she is with her friends at the side of their limo:

She had a lovely time, asking if she could have another Prom when she got home!!!

As for stitching, I've managed to complete my weekly goals:

Pisces cat is my completed Astrocat this week.  I'm moving on to Aries cat next week.

Mermaid of the Pearls has had at least 5 hours spent on her this week.  A section of the tail has been completed - lots of Kreinik braid in this!

HAED's Scarlet Witch has had about 5 hours spent on her - the last couple of days have been chaotic, so stitched on her when I could...

I've also been inspired to crochet after reading Lucy's blog.  I used to do a bit of crochet in my youth, but it went on the back burner when I started cross-stitching.  I pulled out some balls of Sirdar Denim Tweed DK wool out of my craft cupboard (from when I used to knit sweaters for the kids) and started some granny squares:

I was practising different colours for different rounds, and I have no idea what I'll actually make with them, but I'm going to do some more, and see where it gets me!

So...Next week's goals are going to be:
  • At least 5 hours on Scarlet Witch
  • At least 5 hours on Mermaid of the Pearls
  • Stitch one Astrocat
  • Crochet at least 5 granny squares
I think these are manageable whilst I'm off work - I'm basically stitching full time at the moment, which isn't good for my fitness levels and weight (I've piled weight on whilst off work) but I need to get 'better' before I can do anything about the weight problem.

Have a good week :¬)


Bekca said...

I'm so pleased your daughter had a great time at her prom, I bet she loved all the preparation part too, nails, hair etc :)
I really love this week's Astrocat, what a cutie!
Happy stitching.

Sharlotte said...

The girls look so lovely! I bet they had a lot of fun! Lovely granny squares too! I've never done an HAED but I see lots of people working on them. I think a lot of them look really really nice but I am one that likes to get a project done quickly and there is just way to much for me to fill in on those. I think it's great that so many people can stick to them.

Tracy said...

Don't they look lovely all dressed up my brothers prom is coming up, he has his suit all picked out. Great progress I love your mermaid I must say the pic doesn't do it justice I can remember seeing it at Nuneaton. I love your granny squares I will one of these days learn to crochet

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow all of your WIPs are absolutely fantastic, how do you work on so many at once? What a lovely group of ladies for the prom... but boy they look young!

Lynn B said...

Looks like everyone had a fun time at the prom, oh to be young again!

Love your works in progress, especially Mermaid of the Pearls.

Lynn B

Julie said...

The girls look wonderful all dressed up for the prom.

Lots of nice progress piccies. Thanks for the link to Lucy's blog, what a colourful and educational blog, i haen't crocheted for a very long time, might just have to seek out the hook and some wool from the bottom of the cupboard and give it a try.

'Get Better Soon' wishes coming your way. x

Always smiling said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog I have been neglecting my blogging friends, but here I am on the up! Good news about your moving on job wise, good for you.
Your daughters Prom photo is lovely, don't they have the most wondeful times these days, gosh my biggest thrill was my school's end of year party, all us girls with the Nuns who were our teachers sitting around eating some dry cake and drinking lemonade!!
Well done on the stitching too Mermaid is looking good and the crochet!
Hugs Chris x

Tina said...

Glad your DD had afab time,she looks lovely.
your wip's are coming on a treat,love the mermaids hair and all the bright colours.
Looking at your HAED makes me think i need to find mine and make some progress.
Take Care
Tina x

Mylene said...

Mermaid of the Pearls is really looking gorgeous and congrats on finishing that cute Margaret Sherry design.

Glad to hear you daughter had a great time at the prom and they all looks so lovely!

Carol said...

Oh, the girls all look so pretty, Lynn! I love seeing the little girls too, probably dreaming of the day they'll be able to attend their own Proms...

Lovely stitching and crocheting :)

Sharon said...

Pisces cat is too cute. You are making wonderful progress on your mermaid.

Melanie said...

The girls look great all dressed up. :)

Hazel said...

Your wips and crochet is looking great. Lovely prom pic too. x

Topcho said...

Hi :)
I just found your blog and really enjoyed spending some time looking at your awesome works. All of them are lovely - those big stunning projects as well as the cute kitty cross stitches ^__^ I really loved these!

And your daughter is so beatiful, great dress! Good to know she enjoyed her prom too! (lol I hope mine won't be that bad either)

Justflo said...

Glad a good time ws had by all at the 'Prom'. Your stitching looks great. I'll have to watch out to see if you meet your hopes.

Happy stitching to you

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! You're doing a mermaid! She's gorgeous :o) Can't wait to see more updates on her. I've added you to my reader so I don't loose your blog address.

Teresa S. said...

I love the way you are setting goals for the coming week. Maybe I should try that too. :) Your photos of Song of Christmas make me want to get out that chart and get started!