Sunday, 18 July 2010

An Update, and Yet Another Finish...But Not Mine!!!

A busy week...I went into work on Friday and was given a large bouquet of flowers and a gift card for M&S.  I'm going back in tomorrow to collect all my belongings (now school is finished until September), and that will be the end of working at that particular school.

I've stitched quite a lot on my Mermaid:

I'm hoping to have her finished before I start my new job in I'd better get a move on!

My youngest daughter, Sammy, has finished her first large(ish) design - a Hummel - and she is very proud of it:

I told her that I'd get it professionally framed when she finished it, so she has been working like a beaver at it - apparently she was up until about 3am last night, finishing the backstitching off!

Have a good week, and Happy Stitching!


Wendy said...

again a very beautifull finish by your daughter !
where does she get her talent from ? lol !

I love your mermaid, I really have athing for the Mirabilia mermaids.
love to see your progress !

Wendy said...
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Kttycat said...

Your mermaid is looking great. Your daughter has the stitching talent!

Tracy J said...

Your mermaid is coming along, it is so very lovely!

How rewarding to have a daughter to stitch with you; her work is really terrific!

valerie said...

Your mermaid is coming along stunningly!

Congrats to Sammy!! What a cute Hummel finish!

Tina said...

Wow,what clever daughters you have,love Hummels designs
your mermaid is coming on a treat,looking forward to seeing a HD soon

Anonymous said...

What a great job your daughter did. Definitely deserves to be framed professionally.

Loving your mermaid. I too love all the Mirabilia mermaids.

Melanie said...

She did a great job!!! :)

Julie said...

Well done Sammy, a fabulous finish

Loving the mermain, she's gorgeous

Blu said...

Congrats to your daughter. It's a lovely finish.

MotP looks great.

Sharon said...

Your daughter did a beautiful job! It's lovely. Your mermaid is looking divine too!

Justflo said...

Your mermaid is coming along 'swimmingly'. Great finish by your daughter Well done.

Happy stitching to you both.