Saturday, 22 January 2011

This Week's UFO Progress

I've been stitching on 'Heirloom Christmas Sampler' this week, and here is how it looks now:

I really struggle to stay on this one, and had to hold myself back from starting something new later in the week!  The bands are so detailed, with some tricky stitches, so it takes a while to finish each one.  Cutting the fabric for the drawn thread work is difficult, too - I struggle with threading the horizontal threads back at the sides, and I'm worried in case I make a mistake and ruin the whole thing!  I know once it's finished it will look great, but it's tough going...I'm glad it's time to put it down and move on to the next UFO - HAED's 'QS Scarlet Witch' - a design I'm stitching 1 over 1 on 25ct evenweave.

We're going to the cinema tomorrow afternoon to watch the latest instalment of Harry Potter.  I have only read a couple of the books (up to Goblet of Fire, which I only read a half of), but I love the films...We are taking Sammy with us, and it's the last showing of the film at our local cinema.

Have a good week, and Happy Stitching :o)


Melanie said...

Looking great!!!!

Yvon (jioya) said...

I hope you have fun with Harry Potter, i went last week and loved it!
Your stitching is looking great, good luck with the rest.

Hugs Yvon.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress. I hope you enjoy HP.

Bekca said...

I'm sure if you stick with this design, it'll be worth it in the end :) I love the films too, this latest one was my favourite, hope you enjpy it! Happy stitching.

Always smiling said...

Fantastic stitching, it looks beautiful.. I have a similar design waiting for me to start it, but I had promised myself to finish a WIP first, but seeing yours I am so tempted!!LOL
Happy Stitching

Chris x

Julie said...

I've heard mixed reports about HP, some liked it, some not - hope you enjoyed it.

HC is looking FABULOUS!!

Astrid's dragon said...

Such a beautiful piece! I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle that one, but it looks fantastic!

Hope you enjoyed the movie, I finally went to see it and can't wait for the next one.