Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Finish!

I have managed to finish "Spot of Summer" by The Drawn Thread!  It didn't take very long to do...

"Spot of Summer" by The Drawn Thread

I didn't have much stitching time this week, but at least I did get this finished.

This week's rotation piece is "Three Little Maids" by Heritage Stitchcraft.  This is how it looked before I started stitching on it today:

"Three Little Maids" by Heritage Stitchcraft

I have bought a "new" car!  It is a Toyota Yaris, and it is ten years old, but it has low mileage for its age and it runs beautifully...  I pick it up on Thursday...  My current car, a twelve-year-old Fiat Punto, will be used by my OH for the time being.

I am now running for 25 minutes at a time (roughly around 3.3K).  We are in week 7, and some of the group managed to run the 5K on Saturday.  I feel I could manage it if I tried, but I want to stick to the Couch to 5K programme to ensure I am comfortable with running for an extended period before I attempt it!

Even though I am doing all this exercise, my diet is a bit up and down at the moment - probably because of all the bank holiday weekends we have had recently!  As a bit of an incentive, I have bought this plaque from Handmade from Zoe with Love - she has a page on Facebook:

Happy Stitching!


Julie said...

Lovely Drawn Thread finish, pretty colours.
You are doing so well with the running.

Ewa said...

I have had a Toyota Yaris for two years now and I love my little Yaris! It can handle a lot more than people give it credit for. I have done the couch2 5k program and it was great. I need to get back into it. Go you!