Monday, 15 April 2013

Tree of Stitches and some knitting!

It has been an odd, but busy and enjoyable week...

My friend, Vicky, moved down to Rye (South East coast of England) a few years ago, but still comes up here to see her friends and her two sons occasionally.  She came to stay at my home for a few days last week, and it was really good to see her and catch up on some gossip!  I'm going to stay with her in July, when it's the annual Hastings Pirate Day - much fun to be had with lots of other people dressing up as Pirates (and lots of alcohol consumption)!

I have been away for the weekend in Bedfordshire for the GirlGuiding Trainers Conference.  I am so glad I went, and that I had a lot of help from two friends...I would have really struggled to do things without them...and the whole experience made me realise how I would not have coped if I had gone back to work with the crutches/boot!!!

As for stitching, I had a couple of days with no stitching while my friend was here, and over the weekend, but I have worked on Abi Gurden's "Tree of Stitches":

I am using a variety of threads, in shades of blue, for this: Caron Threads, DMC Light Effects, DMC cotton, and Weeks Dye Works cotton.

I also picked up my knitting this morning.  I had finished the back of the Long Jacket that I had chosen, so started the right front side:

I'm a bit hit-and-miss with knitting...I get easily bored with it (especially when it's just knit a row, purl a row...), so it takes a while to actually complete anything, and I HATE the making up part, even though that is the final thing to do!!!

Happy Stitching!


Annie said...

Your tree is beautiful! And I'm the same way with knitting...I get bored with simple knitting and purling, and I HATE the putting together at the end!

Melanie said...

Beautiful tree! Love all the shades of blue and different stitches.

♥ Nia said...

I love the tree! beautiful work :)

Julie said...

Sounds like you have been having some fun times with you friends Lynn.

Knitting and stitching are looking lovely.

Topcho said...

Your TOS is stunning! I love your colour choice... you tree is like a frozen winter beauty :)