Sunday, 5 January 2014

Round Robin Stitching and Old Pieces

My RR piece for the Needlecraft Haven Welcome 2014 RR is stitching up nicely:

Hearts Full of Love by Jeremiah Junction

My RR piece so far...
This has been in my stash box for a long time...I still have a week or so until I need to post it, so will have done some more by then...I'd forgotten about all the backstitch in the Jeremiah Junction designs... It is a long time since I did a piece that had everything covered in backstitch!  My last JJ design was this one:

This now hangs in my porch, and was stitched several years ago...unfortunately I didn't stitch a year on it...  I also found an old cross stitch piece that had been taken out of its frame due to the frame being broken:

Rivington Barn
This was stitched, according to the stitched information, in July 1989 - just before I got married and had my first child... That makes it over 24 years old, and one of the first stitched items I created!  I'm now making it into a small cushion to preserve it for a while longer...

I'm going back on my rotation as of tomorrow, but will still be stitching on RR pieces at least one day a week.  According to my random number generator, I will be stitching on "One Nation" by ByGone Stitches this week.  This is how it looks at the moment:

One Nation by ByGone Stitches
All the Christmas decorations are away for another year, and almost all the extra foodstuff has been eaten.  We will almost be back to normal tomorrow, as we go back to work, but Sammy doesn't go back to Uni for another week... It is nice having the Christmas break, but I do look forward to getting back to the normal routine afterwards!

While all the kids were home, I managed to get a picture of the three of them:

The 3 Musketeers...or not!

It isn't perfect, but it's the best picture I've got of the three of them since they were very small...and they are all now in their 20's!  I basically grabbed them all and told them to stand still whilst I took their picture, which they did without too much complaining...

Happy Stitching!


Tina said...

Love your start on your RR,JJ are lovely,I've done a couple
Lovely photo of your children,rotation seems to be working for you x

Clare - Aimetu said...

Your RR looks great - mine's a lot smaller hee hee

Annie said...

Lovely stitching!

Melanie said...

Very nice stitching!
The family photo is super cute. :)

Julie said...

Great RR choice, I'll enjoy seeing that develop.
Lovely pic of your young ones.

Sonda said...

Love that OneNation piece. Lovely stitching.

Brigitte said...

Hearts full of Love is a great piece and a fun stitch. I stitched it one or two years ago and absolutely loved it. Enjoy stitching yours.