Monday, 14 April 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Last week was a very busy week yet again...

The week involved a lot of driving for work, as I had sessions to deliver in Fleetwood, Blackpool, Preston, Leyland, Lancaster and Carlisle!  I was exhausted by the end of the week.

This resulted in little stitching time:

"Mermaids of the Deep Blue" by Mirabilia
I did manage to get some stitching time in - mainly on Saturday!  This week's stitching piece is "Santa's Journey Afghan" by Margaret Sherry.  This is how it looks before I stitch on it:

This was an unfinished Round Robin, set up through a Facebook group.  However, lots of the Afghans went missing in the post (resulting in the RR being cancelled), so I sent my own piece (which had a lot more stitching completed on it) to someone who had lost two pieces, and I kept this one... It would be nice to actually finish it, even though I've stitched most of the squares on other people's afghans!

It was my son's (middle child) 23rd birthday yesterday (Sunday).  He spent it doing what he always does - playing on his PC, but we did manage to get him to visit his grandma with us.  He didn't want to go out for tea, or anything else...

The Couch to 5K programme is still going well.  I'm now running for 3 minutes without stopping!  Considering I haven't run since I was at school (except for running for the bus...), I think I'm doing well.

We have booked a 3 night trip to Rome in the summer!  It is one of the places we have always wanted to go to, but have never been, so we booked a self-catering apartment near the Vatican, and have still to book flights - and it looks like the flights will cost us more than the apartment!  We are taking our youngest child, Sammy, with us, and 'cheap' flights that get us to Rome around lunchtime cost between £150 and £200 each!!!

Happy Stitching!


Julie said...

Such a shame the RR was cancelled due to postal issues.
Well done on the running.

Shebafudge said...

Sorry the RR was a bit of a disaster. Both of my last two RR haven't ended well.

Congratulations on your Couch to 5K. I just downloaded the app this morning and will give it a go :)