Sunday, 6 April 2014

Where has the time gone..?

I have not managed to do any stitching at all this week!  The time seems to have flown by, and all I seem to have done is work and run...

I am now on week 2 of the Couch to 5K programme, and this involves running for 90 seconds and walking for 2 minutes for a total of 20 minutes (so 6 repetitions).  I managed it quite well yesterday (Saturday) on the first day of the week, so we'll see how the week progresses.

My friend and I went to see the Manic Street Preachers in concert during the week.  They played the Manchester Apollo, which is a fantastic venue as far as the acoustics go - the band sounded great!  We have seen them at various venues, including the O2 in London, but the Apollo is the best by far - the audience is nowhere near as large, but the sound is phenomenal!  Needless to say, I came out of the concert with very little voice left, after all the singing I had done...

I opened my Exchange piece from the Needlecraft Haven at the beginning of the week, and received this from Kate:

'Hello Spring' by Lizzie*Kate

The back of 'Hello Spring'

As I know my partner, Dusty, has received and opened her piece, I can now post a picture of my stitched piece - 'Bloom' by Lizzie*Kate:

The rotation piece I will be stitching on for the next week (hopefully!) is 'Mermaids of the Deep Blue' by Mirabilia.  This is how it looks before I start stitching on it:

Happy Stitching!


Julie said...

A lovely exchange Lynn, you made a beautiful pillow for Dusty and received a pretty one from Kate.

Blu said...

Kudos on keeping up C25K!

Gorgeous stitching sent and received. I can't wait to see more of your purple mermaid.

Tina said...

Well done on your running.
Love the exchange pieces x

Mii Stitch said...

A lovely exchange! Both stitched pieces are great :) Sounds like you had a fab time at the concert!!

Michelle said...

Well done on the c25k and your exchanges :)