Sunday, 23 March 2014

Stitching Meet-Ups and Progress

It has been a busy week!

Work has been hectic, as I am being given a full-time position with the Training team from the 1st April, where I will have responsibility for Functional Skills...and then on Friday afternoon, we got the call that all Educational establishments here in the UK dread - the call from OfSTED to say that we are being inspected as from Tuesday...

This weekend has been spent in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, where I met up with some members of the Needlecraft Haven Yuku forum, and spent the day stitching on my current rotation piece:

Stitched items on display

Stitched and beaded items on display

Stitched items on display

Stitched items on display

Happily stitching away...
Happily stitching away...

My progress on "What Side?" by Raise the Roof

Gingerbread Man made by Clare

Raffle Prize, hand knitted by Julie

Another Raffle Prize, handmade by Lindsay

Two charts (Black Swan and Blue Ribbon Desgins) that I bought from Lindsay

A CCN chart given to me by Julie
It was a lovely day - a chance to meet up with like-minded people and get ideas for stitching projects...There was also a book exchange, and a Goody Bag exchange, but I didn't participate in either as I tend to read books on my Kindle now, and I couldn't think of what to put in the Goody Bag (Nursery Rhyme theme) - although I got the idea when I saw what other people had put in theirs!  My husband travelled with me, and he went for a round of golf whilst I was at the meet-up.  We then met up and walked around Nuneaton, before going to our hotel for the night.  We had intended spending today in Warwickshire, but due to the imminent OfSTED visit, I wanted to get home to sort some work items out!

I am organising another meet up with the forum - at the Nimble Thimble stitching shop near Oswestry.  Several forum members and I met there two years ago, and it was a great day (stitching and buying more stash!) Hopefully, this year's meet up will be as successful as that one...I'll have to be careful, though, since I have an allowance with the Stitch from Stash challenge...

My rotation piece for next week is a new start - "Spot of Summer" by The Drawn Thread... Not sure how much will get done, though...

Happy Stitching!


Clare - Aimetu said...

It was lovely to see you again Lynn :-)

Julie said...

It was a fun day, such a shame your weekend was spoilt by the news of the Ofsted inspection.
Hope all goes well for you and the school this week.