Thursday, 1 April 2010

Question Time...

This seems to be doing the rounds on the Blogs at the moment:

What are your hobbies? cross stitch, reading, blogging, walking

What crafts do you do? cross stitch and a bit of hardanger

What sounds do you craft along to? whatever is on the telly at the time, or silence

First Project You Ever Made: a butterfly on a flower - a kit given to me for my 18th Birthday by the playgroup managers where I helped out at the time.

Favorite Project: whatever I'm stitching on - depends on how it's going. At the moment it's Halloween Fairy.

Favorite Items to Make: Depends...I like to frame stuff, but I also like making different finishes such as biscornu, flat folds and cushions.

What's your favorite...

Colour: blue and purple

Movie: I like several films - Grease, Matrix, Ghost, Pretty Woman, Officer and a Gentleman...Don't have a single favourite.

TV Show: Lost - What will I do when this series ends the story...?

Band: Foo Fighters, Green Day and Kasabian are at the top of my list at the mo...

Book: Don't Tell by Karen Rose (current reading material!)

Food: chocolate!!!

Favorite Craft: cross stitching

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