Friday, 30 April 2010

School Proms and Stitching

My youngest daughter has her Y11 'Prom' in two weeks, and we went to the dress shop to pick up her dress yesterday.  She loved this dress the moment she saw it, and she couldn't wait to bring it home!

I've also been stitching on my Mermaid this week.  I've managed to complete her face and hair, so will be moving on to the tail over the weekend.

I'm going to leave the large bead and Kreinik braid area that is on the upper body area until the end. 

I'm also going to have a go with the GOS Challenge and the Stitch and Stash Monthly Challenge this month - it will motivate me to make up some of my finished designs!

I'll hopefully post another update on Sunday...

Happy Stitching!


valerie said...

Fun dress!

Love the progress on your mermaid. The colors just pop! :)

Bekca said...
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Bekca said...

I hope your daughter really enjoys her prom, that dress is gorgeous. Excellent progress, won't be long before she's all finished.

Karan said...

Your DD looks beautiful - hope she has a fantastic time. :0)
The mermaid is really growing - looking fab. :0)

Justflo said...

Hope your daughter has a brill time.

Mermaid coming along swimmingly (sorry)!!

Happy Stitching to you.

Ranae said...

Such pretties!
I hope your DD has a great time at the prom
Have a great weekend!

Sharon said...

Cute dress! Your mermaids are looking fabulous!

Mylene said...

Beautiful picture of your daughter, hope she will have a lovely time.

Julie said...

A beautiful dress, your daughter looks wonderful, i hope she has a really special time, i remember my daughter going to hers and the trouble we had finding just the right frock!

Mermaid is growing nicely