Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and are now getting ready for the New Year celebrations!

I had a minor operation on Monday, to remove two suspected Basal Cell Carcinomas.  I have a syndrome that these are a 'symptom' of, and I've had several removed from my face.  The dermatologist has also removed other lumps and bumps - "just in case" - resulting in several scars all over my body.  The two lumps removed this week were on my neck and thigh...

Christmas Day was quiet here, as my eldest isn't coming home until next week, and the other two were quite happy to sit and watch TV or go to their rooms to play on their PCs... We had hoped to go and see my parents, but as most of us have a cold, we couldn't go - my mum mustn't come into contact with any type of virus due to her radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment.  We are hoping to go sometime before the New Year, though, but will have to see if the colds go away.

I stitched on 'Mermaids of the Deep Blue' again last week:

I enjoy stitching on this - there's lots of Kreinik #4 braid, and there will be lots of beading to do at the end!  I've also managed to frame Lavender & Lace's "In the Arms of an Angel" this week:

My framing skills seem to be getting better - the mount cutting went much more smoothly than my last efforts, but I still need to practice putting my stitching on the board, as it isn't quite centred!

I'm now stitching an ornament for an exchange, and I also need to start my RR piece (both with the Needlecraft Haven Yuku group).  It takes me forever to choose designs for this sort of thing, and then I end up doing stitching marathons to get them done!  The ornament is for someone who was on the Nuneaton meet-up back in November, and the RR is a "Welcome" one... I've finally picked a Jeremiah Junction design for the RR - I did want to do an Irish 'Welcome Friends' design that I have as a kit in my stash (Design Works), but it is much too big to split into 5 sections for the RR participants!

I won't be able to post a picture of the ornament until after the opening date of 10th January, but I'll post a picture of my progress on my RR next week...

Happy New Year (and Happy Stitching!) to all my blogging friends!


Annie said...

Your stitching is lovely, and the frame job looks great! I

Blu said...

Mermaids is looking wonderful and excellent job on the framing!

demeter83 said...

You mermaid looks beautiful and you framing is fantastic, if you saw what I'd done to some of my framing you'd be really excited by how yours look!

Julie said...

Get well (hugs) to you and the family Lynn, I hope you are all feeling better very soon.
You've reminded me I need to stitch up my exchange from the meet up, better get cracking on that...don't want to be late lol.
Beautiful framing, she looks stunning.

Melanie said...

Ugh. That's a bummer about the colds. :( Hope you are all starting to feel better now!!!
The framing looks quite lovely from the picture. :)

♥ Nia said...

Hope you're feeling better!
Your wip is looking pretty :) enjoy your stitching! And happy 2014!!! :D