Sunday, 15 December 2013

One Week to Go!

Is it really only a week and a half to Christmas..?  It seems to creep up on me every year!  One minute it's September (when the shops start putting Christmas goodies on the shelves...), and the next thing you know is it's only a week to go!  I'm usually very last minute as far as Christmas shopping goes, but I'm actually pretty much sorted this year.  The only thing I've not done is the Christmas cards...Oops!  Sammy will be putting the tree up later today - a bit early for my liking (would prefer to do it on Christmas Eve!), but she came home from Uni yesterday, so I've got to let her do it...

I've had a very busy week - even though it was only a 3-day work week!  I have delivered some more Functional Skills sessions, involving a lot of driving, and my normal day job has been quite chaotic, too!  The two days off at the beginning of the week seemed to fly by, as I was running around doing all sorts of chores...

Craft-wise, I have done very little.  I have stitched a little on Margaret Sherry's "Crafty Cat", and I have been crocheting Owl Doorstop number 2, which still isn't finished!

Margaret Sherry's "Crafty Cat"

My random number generator tells me that I'm stitching on "Mermaids of the Deep Blue" again next week...  This is where I was up to when I stitched on it the other week:

Mirabilia's "Mermaids of the Deep Blue"
This will be the last week on my rotation until after New Year, as I have to start a new RR piece, and also have an Exchange piece to stitch.  I have 2 weeks off work for the Christmas holidays, so thought that would be the perfect time to do these extra things, and then get back on the rotation on week beginning 6th January 2014.

Happy Stitching!


demeter83 said...

Crafty cat is looking great!
I'm usually so late writing my Christmas cards that it just doesn't seem to happen!

Julie said...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmastime Lynn.