Sunday, 23 February 2014

Come Back Stitchy Bug!!!

Not much stitching done this week, for one reason or another...

"Black Magic" by Just Nan

This is stitched over 1, using 1 thread.  I just don't seem to have had the time to stitch over the last few days - mainly due to being full of a cold (and wanting to sleep a lot!), but also because I've been busy with work and exercise!  I'm hoping my stitchy bug comes back next week...

I'm stitching on "Tiger" by Ross Originals next week:

"Tiger" by Ross Originals as of 23rd February 2014

I should be able to get quite a lot done on this, especially as we are going down to Cardiff next weekend to see the girls...

My power walking is going well.  I can now easily manage 4 miles, and will build up to 5 miles this week.  I have now bought reflective clothing so I can be seen in the dark - I go along some dark country roads on the longer routes, and it can be quite scary when cars go flying past me (and it's more scary than actually being seen power walking now!).  I went out tonight in the full kit - trainers, long Nike trousers, t-shirt, reflective jacket, running gloves, hat and headphones that fit around my ears - and I managed to walk my fastest average to date!  It shows that having the right kit helps!

I also went for a walk near Littleborough (near Rochdale) yesterday with a walking group.  I went on the train to Manchester, and met the group for the first time at Victoria Station.  We then caught the train to Littleborough, and set off on what was billed as an 8-mile walk, but I think we did more like 9, if not more!  The weather was very kind to us, although it was quite windy on the top of the hills:

Walking up to Blackstone Edge
Blackstone Edge

Walking over the M62

Very muddy boots!

A welcome sight at the end of the walk...

Happy Stitching!


Clare - Aimetu said...

Great walking Lynn - you are certainly getting fit !! Maybe one day you'll walk to the meet ups :-)

I'm sure your stitching will start again, colds and busy lifestyle doesn't help. Keep visiting Needlecraft Haven - we'll keep you going.

Where do you stay in Cardiff? We used Ibis Cardiff Gate last time. Although it's on the services of M4 there's a Toby next door, rooms were very good as was breakfast. We had a great price too £35 a night.

Julie said...

Hope you are soon feeling much better Lynn. Well done on the walking, that is very impressive.