Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hootzi Progress, Walking and Holidays!

Hootzi hasn't grown as much as I hoped this week - mainly due to not having all the threads that the design requires in my stash:

Just Nan: "Hootzi Humbug"

I managed to get the DMC threads I needed yesterday (spending £2.70 of my Stitch from Stash allowance...), but I still need to order some GASTs, which I need to get online...

I've got a new start this week, too, and it's another Just Nan design - "Black Magic":

Just Nan: "Black Magic"
I bought this design whilst in New York, back in 2011, and it has been in my stash box since then.

My cardigan is almost finished...Only the making up to do now, so it should be done within the next day or two.  I'll post a picture when it is finished...

My husband and I went for a walk today, as it has been the first fine Sunday in at least a month!  We went to Rivington, as we knew that there were lots of tracks to walk on - much of the ground here is still sodden due to weeks of constant rain.  We walked a total of 4.5 miles (clocked using the MapmyWalk app), and went to Rivington Terraced Gardens (known locally as "The Bunks") and Rivington Pike:

Remains of an internal floor

Seven Arches Bridge

Old Summer House

Pigeon Tower

Rivington Pike

An abundance of berries on the trees!
It was quite busy around the area - obviously lots of people had the same idea as we did!

We are busy looking for places to go on holiday this year...  We are going to go to New York City (USA) again this year, but we would also like to have a couple of nights in Chicago, and hopefully fit in a trip to Niagara Falls.  (I'm hoping to meet up with some fellow stitchers whilst in the States, too!)  We don't know when we will be going yet, though... We'll get around to visiting the travel agents at some point!  Other than that, we are off to Cardiff to see the girls at the end of February, and have plans to go to a couple of European capital cities for weekend breaks.  We don't do beach holidays - lying on a beach all day is our idea of hell!

Happy Stitching!


Lonneke said...

I think Hootzi is very cute!
Nice pictures, looks like you had a lovely time walking.
Your holiday plans sound like a lot of fun!

Julie said...

Hootzi is looking really cute.
Black Magic is a superb chart, going to enjoy watching that one grow, I feel the need for a JN fix, but better get something completed first!
Nice pics from your walk, it looks a lovely place to wander around.
Have a lovely week.